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More about Ui-Shop

Ui-Shop lets you quickly create a private real estate listing for sale or for rent. This means if you share a link to your buyers or guests, they will not be shown other listings in the area.

Take a look at some key features and advantages that we offer to our customers.

  • Intuitive listing builder will let you create a listing for sale, monthly rent, daily rent within 5 minutes.

  • Listings are private. It means your customers will not see competitors' listings like on other free listing platforms.

  • Our listings have a modern and clean look and feel with a clear information presentation.

  • Quick listing approval process (3-6 hours) and helpful add-ons like booking calendar and testimonials.

Ui-Shop is amazing

"Ui-Shop is simple to use, very affordable for what it does and my listings look modern and stylish. I use Ui-Shop for listing my off-market deals for sale or rent."

Yael Shipman

Listing agent in Los Angeles

List your property on Ui-Shop

More than 500 listings was published on Ui-Shop website for the past year and people love our simple solution for home owners and real estate professionals.

What Services Can We Offer?

Marketing, Social Media, Website Development, Real Estate Photography, Graphic Design...

Website development
Cost-Effective Website Development Services, Featuring Both Creative Design and Technical Development.
Product design
We Offer Comprehensive Design Solutions for All Your Needs, Including Websites, Apps, and Other Design Projects.
Real estate photography
Enhance Your Real Estate Sales with Our Professional Photography Services.
Real estate video and promotional videos
Creating Stunning Promotional and Real Estate Videos to Captivate Your Audience.
Drone videos
Boost Your Real Estate Lead Generation by 500% with Our High-Quality Drone Video Services.
Rental property management
Our firm provides competent and dependable management of rental properties.
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