Who are our customers?

Ui-Shop helps two personas:
- Real estate professionals who need quickly create an off-market listing (pocket listing) for sale or for rent
- Home owners or investors who want to list their property outside of big platforms who charge big transaction fees

Ui-Shop listings VS Others

- Making a personal website or your property can be costly
- You will have to purchase domain and hosting
- Creation of the website will take some time
- If this is WordPress website, prepare for learning curve
- Rental software is way too complicatedand pricey

Listing types we offer

- Listing for sale (off-market listing)
- Listing for rent (monthly setting)
- Listing for rent (daily setting)
- We can instruct you how to add a booking calendar if needed


Does Ui-Shop help attract potential buyers / renters to my listings?

No, Ui-Shop is just a tool for creating listings fro sale or for lease. It provides a quick, affordable and easy way to publish a listing that looks modern and is proven to attract buyers / renters.

Can I add a booking calendar?

Yes, just send us email with a request to add a calendar for bookings. There is a one-time charge of $19.99 for the installation.

Can I add more than 1 listing for my properties?

Yes, you can add up to 10 listings per account. Please visit pricing page to see a dynamic discount.

How much time it takes to create a listing?

It's quick and easy. If you have all information including photos, listing description and address on your phone or computer, it can take just 4-7 minutes to create a listing. We have 6 - 12 hour approval process in place.

List your property on Ui-Shop

More than 500 listings was published on Ui-Shop website for the past year and people love our simple solution for home owners and real estate professionals.